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Marilyn Heroin
by Dav Ero
Copyright 2005

I met her in her gallery
Later on I went to see
Her paintings of some S+M
Her lover was in some of them
Her submissives model for
A masterpiece that doesn’t hold back the gore
She’s paid to stick pin where it hurts
She’s told me men pay for worse
I’m not into pleasure’s pain
Friends forever we’ll remain
I asked her if, like other guys
I’m someone whom now and then she’ll despise

She a delusion of Poe
A modern Marie Leveau
She sets high fees
And gets paid in cash
To love guys with her lash

She’s got a bod that’s really hot
She likes to show it off a lot
At parties or in restaurants
She dresses for the men she’ll taunt
Her charms are quite addicting stuff
And she’ll work in the nude if you can pay enough
Clients call her night and day
She works in NY and La
We’re on the phone
She has to run
Says she has to beat someone
Blood flows like tomato sauce
When in a live show
She stabs that guy on the cross

If you’re addicted to pain / Then you will need to obtain
A fix when she stick her long needle where / a doctor wouldn’t dare



4 No 1
Copyright 1966
Northern Songs

Your day breaks your mind aches You want her you need her
You find that all his words of kindness And yet you don’t believe her
Linger on when he no longer needs you When she says her love is dead
You think she needs you
He wakes up he shakes up
He takes his time and doesn’t feel You stay home he goes out
He has to hurry He says that long ago
He no longer needs you He knew someone
But now she’s gone
And in his/her eyes you see nothing He doesn’t need her
No sign of love behind the tears
Cried for no one
A love that should have lasted years And in his eyes you see nothing
No sign of love
You want her you need her Behind the tears cried for no one
And yet you don’t believe her A love that should have lasted years
When she says her love is dead (repeat)
You think she needs you

You stay home she goes out
She says that long ago
She knew someone but now he’s gone
She doesn’t need him

And in his/her eyes you see nothing
No sign of love behind the tears cried for no one
A love that should have lasted years

You stay home she goes out
She says that long ago she knew someone
But now he’s gone she doesn’t need him
Your day breaks your mind aches
There will be times when all the things he said
Will fill your head you won’t forgive him

And in his eyes you see nothing
No sign of love behind the tears cried for no one
A love that should have lasted years



By Dav Ero
Copyright 1985

Find a pet bird and you’ll find a cage
Find a deep thought and you’ll find a page
Find an old man and you’ll find old age

Find a young man
And you’ll find a face
That he keeps in his heart
It’s the only place
That can hold all his love
He needs lots of space
Heart gives chase
Win the race
With God’s grace

Keep a close watch and you’ll keep the time
Keep a bell ringin’ and you’ll keep a chime
Keep a couple nickels and you’ll keep a dime

Keep your love growing
And you’ll spend your dayd
Feelin’ for another all in endless ways
Knowin’ you’re in love
When that feelin’ stays
It’s the phrase
That portrays
Sunshines rays

Find a girl that makes you sing
Give her diamonds, ruby rings
Bees make honey but they sting
Love’s a dangerous thing

Lose your own sun and you lose it’s shine
Lose your own love and you lose your mind
You know you can’t lose what you could not find
You know you can’t have what she left behind
She was your own love but she was born blind
She was your own love but she wasn’t kind
Wasn’t kind
Wasn’t mine
Was born blind
Loves a dangerous thing



By Dav Ero
Copyright 1998

It was a swimsuit ad Elsa Benitez
Where I first saw her My heart had no warning
Along the page they had That picture of you gets
A toll free phone number More gorgeous each morning
I dialed really fast
And to a voice I asked Every movie Czar
Who could that angel be Would love the chance to star
He told me Her on the silver screen
He’d make a ton of green
Elsa Benitez
In every inch she’s When they carve her name
The Mona Lisa Down on the walk of fame
Of the next Da Vinci Hollywood will show
It can throw
Elsa Benitez One hip gala affair
It’s obvious God will Celebs will be there
Forego the rest cause To taste the sweet
You’re his supermodel La dolce vita
Fun that lasts all evening
She’s over 5’ 10” With no one leaving
Her waist is 24 Till he meets
With brown eyes that send
You floating off the floor Elsa Benitez
Who’ll be a great actress
I’m sure she must be from Her whole persona
A land that’s filled with sun Says super attractive
And flowers that grow wild
A child Elsa Benitez
In a paradise where She’ll win the award
Her flowing dark hair For being no less
Blew in the breeze Than the most adored
It’s agreed that men Let me say it once more
Have a sensation You are the most adored
That’s called elation
When they see

Elsa Benitez
With beauty stupendous
What heaven made lens
Capture your essence



Words by Wayne Silka
Music by Dav Ero
Copyright 2008

A cable from Mabel
She ain’t able to see me no more
Said I’m not what I ain’t got what
Girls go for
A letter from Hedda said we’d better
Call it a day
His name’s Harvey she’s so sorry
She can’t stay…I say

A blind man could see
Nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
Nobody, no one cares for me

A wire from Myra
She’s sick and tired’a havin’ no fun
She said no fella should go acappella
But I ain’t the one
Joannie won’t phone me she’s out with Tony
Paintin’ the town
I’m vamoosin’ ain’t no use in hangin’ around…I’ve found

A blind man
Could see nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
Nobody, no one cares for me

Betty ain’t ready
She won’t go steady I’m not surprised
She says my crusin’ and all my boozin’
Ain’t civilized
Sonny owes money son of a gun
He takes the cake
Called his office he isn’t off his coffee break…it aches

A blind man could see
Nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
Nobody, no one cares for me



by Dav Ero
Copyright 2002

She gave me her autograph in my song notebook
When I spoke to her that night I learned that I mistook
A letter that’s disguised as “O” turned out to be short “A”
If beauty had a formal name you’d pronounce it this way

Sonya Lynn
That’s how every love song should begin
And never end cause love won’t die
However many years go by

I had no chance to ask who you are
Cause I was floating up above the stars
And languishing in perfect bliss
I kept wondering am I dreaming this
And at that certain moment
My heart flew back down to earth so I could be with you

Sonya Lynn
A form of loveliness that’s from within
Without you I would never know
How deeply feelings could begin to grow
How much another person means to me
I dream about us and I’m constantly
In fear of others that I know pursue
The one I love cause all I want to do
Is live thru

Sonya Lynn
Not to love you that would be a sin
Not to need you would mean that I am
Just the shadow of a real man
But my heart’s reached the point where I must say
I want to marry you right now, today
Your golden wedding band it may be thin
But tells the world that above all men I’m to win
Sonya Lynn



By Dav Ero
Copyright 2008

You’re wedged in a van She said she would be
Struggling for shut eye Released on Thursday
And in the dawnin’ And that turned out to
You see it pass by Rate as your worst day
That same asylum You’d pick her up but
That you once entered She said ‘It’s okay’
Cause you fell for her Some guy would get her
Since you first met her With him she would stay
You went in there to see You drove home feelin’ low
Someone troubled mentally And on the radio
A Goddess under lock and key Came some words that we all know
Somehow they go…

Thru her friends phone call
She reached out to you Clowns to the left of me
Though she admitted Fools to the right of me
She hardly knew you Stuck, stuck in the middle with you
Jesus became her Here I am, here I am
Personal saviour Clowns to the left of me
She won’t admit to Fools to the right of me
Sinful behavior Stuck, stuck in the middle with you
You wished you were that man
With thorns for a headband
Blood from his side and hands
Then she’d love you
To the left of me
Fools to the right of me
Stuck, stuck in the middle with you

You’re in the lunchroom
Where others they are
Visitin’ patients
Out comes your guitar
Word to a ballad spread out before you
You’re singin’ ‘Honey, I so adore you’
She sat there silently
Frightened eyes they turned to see
A man gone love crazy



Westside Sue
by Dav Ero
Copyright 2008

Westside Sue
Pawns broken beads
She begs me to buy her weed
Her admiral blows
A pagan sax
She says my kings don't beat her jacks
The warden knew why half her head was shaved
Cause she'd slept on Billy The Kid's grave

Big shouldered town
Looked everywhere
But ...I can't find
Your Time Square
Ghosts actors play
Scenes on the street
They co-star with folks they meet
Hamlet died on gay Horatio
His Claudius was a stone deaf wino
Shakespeare's words he don't know
But that don't stop the show

A one-armed man
With tattooed tears
Waits for the bus
His face is fear
The lighting flashed
A storm it poured it poured
Still he wouldn't climb aboard
The bus driver glared at him with disdain
Those tattooed tears were running in the rain

Westside Sue
Met Eastside Jake
Lovin' him was her mistake
While she slept
In a trash bag
Went all her wealth
That he could drag
There was nothing left for her to pawn
Except her grandfather's magic wand
Before long it was gone
Westside Sue needed a bong

Sandra Samman
by Dav Ero
Copyright 2008

Sandra Samman’s
No Raggedy Ann
It isn’t hard to convince us
With her looks and style
There’s no denial
She’s an Arabian Princess

Talk about Sandra Samman
Toula said Sandra can’t stand
Things about me
But we’re bonded you see
I helped Sandra change
Her car battery

Sandra Samman’s
She’s any guy’s prize possession
When next to her
Sensations occur
That make you go to confession

Love could reach it’s heights
On a thousand Arabian nights
Just one will do
I”ll wish it’s with you
I’ll rub Alladin’s Lamp
With all my might

You’ll gain fame
If you claim
That you tamed
Sandra’s flame

Many Sheiks
They will bake
Wedding cakes
By mistake

Her burnoose So refined
When it’s loose So divine
Can seduce But I pine
Mighty Zeus She’s not mine

by Dav Ero
Copyright 1980

Oh, she wants me
To forget her
I’m afraid I always shall
Suffer memories that grow bitter
Till the priest
He rings death’s Knell

And I’m havin’ the time of my life
My pillow is soaked with sweet sorrow
I’m bound and beset by sheer strife
And the heartache that waits on the morrow

She as fair as any flower
Blooming with a beauty blessed
I, a weed that tasted sour
Milk from me poor mother’s breast

And I’m havin’ the time of me life
Condemned to no luck with the ladies
The devil he blows thru his pipe
A tune of a man bound for Hades

Found a crown
But she won’t wear it
Forged a halo
It don’t fit
I confess I’m getting nowhere
But true love won’t let me quit

And I’m havin’ the time of me life
Just to be alive I should be thankful
There’s many a man whose dear wife
Drives him to drink by the thankful

Keep on drawing forlorn faces
On pages of old magazines
Try to fill the empty spaces
That I’ve mad since in my teens

And I’m havin’ the time of me life

by Dav Ero
Copyright 2007

There was this stage show On the front page
Forever Plaid Was a girl’s face I struggled to place
Where four fellas they Then I read
Had all died in a car crash Three musicians
They were a vocal quartet Doug ,Mike and John they had died
I guess they decided to let In a car crash and my mind it flashed
Things you can’t forgive to forget To Forever Plaid and it’s cast
They could have voiced their regret yet Life and art they intertwined I’m
They chose to perform one last set Afraid in life there was a crime

Were they wondering Neath the photo was this girl’s name
The reason why they had met their demise Jeanette and they claimed
I don’t know who was at fault That she was suicidal
Did they try to beat a passing train It couldn’t be the one I met
Was there someone else they could blame When I photographed a fashion fete
Did a driver swerve into their lane Everyone loved sweet Jeanette
What ever occurred they endured fate She had the eye of every man and
Their example went on to explain The crowd was her marionette

You can’t change things Jeanette’s romance had gone bad it seems
Once the die is cast Unrequited love drove her to extremes
Everyone’s aware A nightmare worse than any
Bad things happen fast In her dreams
We must live our lives But she can be redeemed
To make the good last If it was like in Forever Plaid
It’s a divine task Me as the fourth
Some go thru life With those other lads
While they live with pain While we sang the words
That others might have caused To a song so sad
And the grief remains There’s something I would add
There is a frame of mind There is a debt
That you must sustain Which has no payment
That is be humane Your tears are still wet
If tragedy was done to me But please, forgive her
Accidentally Don’t be beset
You know I would With bitter regret
Plea for who stood There’s life ahead, yet
In judgment she would Please, forgive Jeanette
Get the chance so she could Please, forgive Jeanette
Do mankind some good Please, forgive Jeanette


by Dav Ero
Copyright 2005

Mrs. T
You think that I have sinned
Cause I said your daughter had once been
Made a goddess whom
Whom later was named Lynn
You call that blasphemy
She’s a goddess to me

When I met her I thought that it seemed
Your last born was lacking self-esteem
In her I sensed a being most supreme
She was somewhat surprised
At being deified
I felt my exaltations gave her a sense of pride

True, no mother wants her daughter
Called an Empress of Darkness
After her dear babe when baptized
Was with Holy Water blessed

It was a story that I created
About love unrequited
Understand it was all make-believe
If I’d written about your son and said
That he had been knighted
You would say that it something
He’d achieve

When the secret to one’s salvation
Has a presence and inspires
Gives him the strength he needs
To fight thru hell on earth’s fast fires
Anticipates all his wishes
And defines all his desires
It’s her he’ll idolize

Mrs. T
I hope I’ve made amends
You’re someone
I never would offend
I hope one day
We will meet again
When my vows are said
My tears of joy are shed
Your goddess I have wed


by Dav Ero
Copyright 2001

You’re so hot
those long legs that you’ve got
Put your arms around me
Your beauty astounds me
Have you come back from NY
You modeled Bob Mackey
Now what’ll exactly get you to
Look me up I’ve waited long enough
I’ve been wondering where you are
Your career can take you far
Was I rash we met at the Fash Bash
You stood there and smiled
My camera went wild
All the other models they
Turned their heads and walked away
Except for you that told me that you act(?)
Good hearted
Soon I’ll need to finish the portrait I started
When, with a paint brush I would spend
All night to capture you again
I work from your photograph
I wish I’d said something I’m tongue tied
The things that I’ll focus
An excuse to get close
I would love to shoot lots more
On some luscious island shore
At break of dawn
Or would you say you (unintelligible) to London
Then to Barcelona Spain for more sun
We could travel anywhere
Perhaps you are already there
I’ll bet your passport’s worn out
You’re so hot
I’m so cold
Cause I sought after you
But I found unkindness that abounds
No one has been as nice as


by Dav Ero

Copyright 2008

Where you’re born
It’s not your decision
Paradise or a slum that feeds a prison
In the womb you share your mother’s soul
Finding your own
Becomes your life’s goal

Cloud sends rain
River in a chain it bends
Gonna bring you down
Is this where the ocean ends

Where you live so often is determined
By the cosmic state of karma you’re in
Some are born and never venture past their
Own front door to find a spirit master

Cloud sends rain
River and the earth they blend
It’s nature gain
Is this where the ocean ends

Where you die it really doesn’t matter
Flesh dissolves into thin air and scatters
In the sky and fall back down to the earth
In a tempest man achieves his rebirth

Cloud sends rain
Life evolves from beasts to men
Thru pregnant pain
Is this where the ocean ends

Cloud sends rain
The river’s waters they extend
Beyond the shore
Your ocean has no end


Words by Wayne Silka
Music by Dav Ero
Copyright 1973

All alone when you walked in
All my life where had you been
Napkin that I wrote it on
Held your name when you have gone

Kyle I’ll make this clear
Kyle while you were here
I never had a chance to say it
I guess I shouldn’t have delayed it
Maybe you’ll come back tonight
If you do then that’ll mean you might
Say you want to be in love with me
We could live so happily

Kyle smile don’t be blue
You know that
Kyle I love only you
I’m so glad
There it is I finally did it
I never thought that I’d admit it
Heaven knows what I’ve been dreaming of
To ever doubt that I could be in love
Why I let you go I’ll never know
Cause I’ve learned to love you so


by Dav Ero
Copyright 2008

Lorri Lorri
Spelled with two “r”s It would help if you said
What’s your story You adore me
For me For we
You define Aren’t in the love
Life in its glory Catagory

It’s true Explain
I’m lacking in If at one time you were
Social graces Lorraine
But you’d Your short name
Find in me Is easier
Charm that embraces On my brain

I’m not Star bright
Of the age Tell me if it isn’t
For which you hunger Alright
You plot To recite
To catch a man My wish that she and I
That’s younger Unite

Is it easy
For you to ignore me
The more we
Am I less predatory

Quit your
Saying that I’m still a stranger
Admit your
Grateful I got you
Past danger

It’s sad
Going thru life
When you’re mateless
We’ve had
But our romance is weightless

Soft as breeze
Not Portuguese


Floatin’ Down The River
By Dav Ero
Copyright 1978

Late in the day
I sail away, away
Don’t use an oar
And I’m headed for
That far, that far off shore
And I’m sail home to where she lives
How much I need that love she gives me
Yeah I’m
Floatin’ down the river by the water by the ocean
Floatin’ down the river
You know I got a notion
Gonna see my baby
Gonna meet her in the harbor
First I’ll see a tailor
Then I’ll see a barber
Hurry to honey cause she needs me like I need her
Then I’ll find a preacher and down the aisle I’ll lead her
Floatin’ away
Down Frisco Bay


by Dav Ero
Copyright 1985

I want to die
I would deny
This existence
And I
I could decide
Not to be
This instant

You order a pizza
And there’s hardly any cheese
If the ballgame’s in O.T.
They won’t make deliveries

Tastes worse each year
New songs I hear
They sound horrendous
And those designers choose
To create clothes just to offend us

Comics aren’t funny
Movie plots are absurd
Kids watching TV learn all the four letter words

Grows all the time
So much that I’m
Afraid to venture
Out…with thieves about
I have no doubt
They’ll even take my dentures

With garbage men on strike
Pollution makes breathing hard
Banks won’t lend money
Or approve my credit card

So… away I’ll stow
This death I know
Outside of the tomb
Though…the need will grow
For me to go
To the bathroom


by Dav Ero
Copyright 2005

Flying right out of the sky
Crying right out don't fly by
Cry cry cry
All my life I've never know
The freedom to fly on my own
Why why why
Was I denied denied denied

Don't you look nice tonight
Adrift in the evening light
My wings never would take shape
I can't escape escape escape

The silent prayer that is said
Each night before I go to bed
Pray pray pray
To fly away away away

Don't you look nice tonight
I can't join you in your flight
Sins for which I must atone
I am alone alone alone

Don't you look nice tonight
As you fade from my sight
There's no use for me to try
I'll say good-bye